Thursday, January 05, 2017


I've been into weather since staring at clouds as a kid on my grass. It amazes me. But never really pursued it much. Working on the Shasta-Trinity National forest has given me a big responsibility in being in charge of the maintenance of 14 Remote Automated Weather Stations (RAWS). So my Wx interest has only been growing.

I finally bit the bullet and my birthday gift to myself this year was my won Personal Weather Station (PWS). Being my first, I went for the cheaper, but still good stations, in an Acurite 5-in-1 station with PC Connect and an indoor display. Here is a link to the product at Acurite's web page : Acurite 5-in-1

I am in love!

My Station all set up.

My data is logged on my computer and is also shared with Weather Underground. Here is a widget showing my stations's current data:
Weather Underground PWS KCAREDDI89

Here is a link to my station on Weather Underground:KCAREDDI89  You can also click on the above icon from WU to get there.

Last storm recorded over 2" of rain at my station. I set it up perfect timing for these coming storms!

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