Friday, January 06, 2017


There's something about history I just love.  I have a huge book of black and white photographs called Century, and it is 100 years of pictures.  I can stare at those pictures forever, picturing that very moment in my head; imagining life at that moment, at that place.

Every place I have ever lived I try to envelop some of the local history.  Redding, Shasta County, Trinity County - no exception.  I think I will be here awhile so my interest in the local history is growing even more.

I hope to volunteer at the local historical society, and overall spend more time in some local history.  I may add some more at a later date, but for now here are some things I have done around here.

Shasta Historical Society is the first place I joined.  With my membership I received a book they publish annually called The Covered Wagon.  Absolutely love the old stories and pictures in this book!

Shasta County History by Dottie Smith.  THIS is what history is all about.  Love her page and resources!

The Sacramento: A Transcendent River (link to Amazon)
A book I am currently reading all about the Sacramento River and its history.   It has awesome pictures and great storytelling.  I never knew how utilized the Sacramento was back in the day.  Steam boats were a regular site.    

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