Saturday, October 01, 2016

2016 Update?

Looks like this is my 1st post on this blog in 2016. That is sad!

I hope to change that and do more posting for the rest of this year and 2017 and beyond.

To preserve my sanity, I write. I need my sanity right now.

Work this year has been steady but relatively fire-free on the Shasta-Trinity. Under 100 fires all for under 100 acres total is an excellent year for us.....unless you want lots of overtime, then not so much. I'm not interested in tons of OT, my time is more valuable.

New church this year, since Destiny fellowship disbanded. My new church is Little Country Church, or LCC. Great service, worship is ok, and they have tons of ministry programs for anyone and everyone. Really excited to fully integrate into this church.

Went on 4-5 backpack trips this year. All in my favorite Trinity Alps. I could link them, but I'm not going to. My guess is there are not many who still read this or even know it is here.

Still a single male and this worries me more as I progress in life. I feel like I have more to offer now, then I ever have in my life. I WANT to share life with someone, it's my favorite thing to do. Though I am not really actively looking, I would love to find someone. Person I share life with now is only my best friend, but she is a model of who I expect and deserve in life. She will find her man.

Still no cigarettes. Very proud that its been more than 6 months, can't even remember. I am still vaping, but now at the lowest nicotine you can get.

Also playing games a little more lately, as boredom is taking over, and games are good time killers. At least you are active while playing, unlike watching shows on the boob tube. Current games are PS4: Overwatch, Rebel Galaxy, Prominence Poker, NMS. And on the PC playing a little of Legion on WoW.

Running still whenever I get a chance. 8 miles average is my run. New shoes are Altra Lone Peak 3.0. Stand Up Paddling (SUP) often. Got a new hybrid bike this year, for riding mostly on pavement. Kona Splice. Crosstrek is doing wonderful and has been the best car I have ever owned. Like rails on a dirt road!

Already getting bored of writing this update so going to leave before I don't write for another year. We'll see how this works out.

Anyone still out there?

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