Friday, January 13, 2017

Let's Get Oily: Resources

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There are a ton of resources out there, from books, guides, web sites, e books, you name it and its out there.  Here are some of the resources that I have found that really helped me on my journey with oils.

  • Young Living Main Page - Everything about them, their products, their seed-to-seal, etc.  If you are joining, use the link above with my number.
  • Young Living Blog - More great info here on recipes, promotions, etc. YL official Blog
  • The Essential Family - Great site from a member who has gone the extra mile.  Lots of great info, also some ads, and of course you could sign up through her, but I recommend me
  • D Gary Young's Blog - The creator of Young Living.  Wow. This guy has an amazing story and a great work philosophy
  • Foundations of Aromatherapy Certificate Program - ready to get certified?  Here you go for $500
  • The Hippy Homemaker - Great recipes for body products.  Many of my recipes are combos of recipes here and other places
  • Mountain Rose Herbs - not Young Living, but quality oils and lots of products for making things.  Really like their stuff
  • Mama Natural - Kind of a weird one in this list, and geared more towards the mother, or soon to be mother.  But, I found her all natural approach to things awesome and she has some great and safe recipes for body care products
All links below will take you to Amazon 
  •  This book is HUGE with tons of resources, recipes and info on oils
  •  A list of essential oils listed int he bible and where to find them
  •  Simple and plain, all you need with LOTS of recipes
  •  If you get the starter kit with YL, here is a book with all the recipes of things you can make with those oils.  Really wish I had discovered this before getting my starter kit.
  •  Probably the best, and my most used resource on oils, specifically Young living's oils.  HUGE, spiral bound, and an incredible wealth of oil information.  No one should be without this book,  Also a smaller pocket version but really this is complete
  •  The scientific and technical side of oils, in a large and very expensive format

I will add more as I discover more.  Looking for recipes? Head on over to my recipes page!

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