Thursday, January 12, 2017

Crazy Rain!

I picked the right year to own a PWS.  I set my system and went live on 12/27/2017.  Since then I am at 9.86" of rain!!!!!  That's crazy rain!

This is from Acurite's MyAcurite program.  Not bad stuff and you can export it as a csv file to do wonders in Excel.  I really want to learn Excel more so that I could do some decent graphs for my weather data.  BUT....wtih so many interests and so little time, it will probably end up being software bought from someone who has already done all that great work.  

There are a ton out there.  Here is a long list from Weather Underground .  The only problem being that there are VERY few programs that support Acurite's stuff, even though it is saved in simple csv format.  But, we'll see.

Weather Station Software



Linux / Unix

Perl / Python


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