Sunday, January 15, 2017

Oil Recipes

I've been having great luck with my recipes so far! Super excited and want to replace all of my body care products with DIY ones.  This list is for others who may want to create their own things, and for my records to come back to.


All oils come from Young Living. All links are to Amazon...

Homemade Shampoo

Dry Toothpaste
I have never brushed with a powdered toothpaste but I am sold now!  My mouth and teeth have never felt fresher and cleaner after brushing!  No flouride, no sugar or sweetener, no bad stuff...PERIOD!
You can add more coconut oil and make more of a paste if the powder is too hard for you.

Women's Perfume - in a roller bottle.  Haven't come up with a 'name' for this perfume yet
Men's After Shave - in small 8oz pump bottle
Thieves Spray
Used as a body spray, veggie cleaner, room deodorizer and lots of other uses.  Young Living sells this Thieves Spray but it is super easy and cheaper to make yourself. 
All Purpose Hand Balm  - Many more lotions will be coming on this page but this was my first.  Body butters, lotions, balms, they are all so wonderful for your skin, especially dry skin!
More to come! I've made a wonderful lip balm, owie spray, and more. Stay tuned!

Other useful items needed:

CIAO Bella!

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