Thursday, January 19, 2017

Buck's Bees Lip Balm, Recipe and How To

Lip balm is by far my most popular item and, as a bonus, super easy to make.  I make it in tins mostly because I love getting my fingers into things, there's a lot more in the tins, and it looks cool.  You can choose to throw them into chap stick tubes if you want.  They are cheap on Amazon.

Let's get started!  Here is a list with links to items you will need.  This is a large recipe for lots of tins, about 1.5 oz each.  Normal chapstick tubes are .15 oz.  Half this recipe if its too much.  I just like to give away the stuff so I make lots!

Once you have everything, put the coconut oil, Shea butter, and beeswax in your double boiler and on the stove.

Slowly boil, whisk once in awhile and gradually your mixture will clear.

Once nice and clear, you are done.  Take it off the stove and now add your Almond Oil w/E and whisk in, it will remain clear.  Also add your Essential Oils at this point, for this recipe about 40-50 total, and the scent increases with age in your balm.

Pour your final mixture into your tins, about 3/4 full.  Keep the lids off and allow to cool completely. 

That's it!! Your done! Screw the lids on and give as gifts after you've stashed enough for yourself.  This makes about 7 tins, or 30+ tubes if you go that route.  If you choose to personalize them, keep on reading and I'll show you what I do with a simple easy wax stamp.

I get my wax and stamp ready.  The stamp is a simple cursive B but I have a cool custom one coming soon so stay tuned!

Melt some wax into a puddle (notice placement in case adding other stuff).  Once you have a large enough puddle of wax, press your stamp into it and allow to set 10 seconds.  I add some olive oil to the stamp to make removal even easier. Then add any other labels and you are done!

Close up

Hope you enjoyed!  Look for more in the future.  Follow me from the right-hand links so you don't miss anything!

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