Monday, February 17, 2014


My Breakfast of Champions

This is pretty much a standard breakfast for me, and provides me healthy vitamins, minerals, and energy for my active lifestyle.  Types of fruits varies depending on the season, but otherwise the basics are there.  All veggies and fruit are organic or grown myself (in season)

All of this gets blended into a smoothie.

  • Banana--hate that I can't find bananas as a local thing, but still keep them organic
  • Couple cups of fruit, summer this comes locally from farmer's market, winter includes some organic frozen fruits
  • Juice--I use Acai and currant juice currently, but any good fruit juice works (avoid any juices with sugar added)
  • water enough to keep fluid
  • Chia seed, couple tablespoons.  Chia is awesome, absorbs water and releases it back slowly, great for a distance runner
  • handful of baby spinach leaves
  • 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, good stuff, with the mother
  • Local honey, a good squirt of it
  • Udo's oil, 2 tablespoons Check out Udo's Here
  • 2 Tbl Schulze's Superfood powder (assures I get my Bs) Superfood Powder link
Variations and additions:
  • A peeled cucumber is great in a smoothie
  • Fresh citrus juice.  In season I love to hand squeeze a few oranges or lemons into my smoothie
  • A good greek yogurt, for high protein and probiotics
  • Almond 'milk' in addition to the fruit juice
  • My juice base varies considerably....sometimes I use all carrot juice
  • A wheatgrass shot before a smoothie is a great start to the day
Use your imagination!!  Now put all that great energy and nutrition to good use and get outside and do something fun!  Walk, run, bike, yak, sup, yoga, hike....anything that gets the body moving!  

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