Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Blogging

Well looking at this blog I see I've gone up and down in posting, with the latest almost an entire year without a post.  Natural considering my love for the outdoors has me outside DOING things more than at a computer.  2014 shouldn't change much, except that I want to blog more, inspired by some other bloggers that I follow.  I love writing and it clears my head of over-thinking.  So what can we expect for things to blog about in 2014?

Mostly outdoor stuff.  I hope to show how much fun the outdoors are, especially where I live, so close to so many things.  There is so much to do, why not share??!!

I also hope to share my love for food.  Good food! Healthy food!  I changed my diet and it changed my life, gave me energy and strength to do all of the things I love.  Food is simple and easy, out processed world of supermarkets has made it more complicated.  Simplify and have fun, your food will reward you ten-fold in feeling good!

Let's see how much blogging I can do in 2014!

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