Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Farthest Run--Non-race and on Trail

Friday night and I was supposed to run a 4 mile Frosty Fun Run in the morning.  It was pouring! I couldn't stand the thought of wasting such fun on a populated and paved race.  I decided to hit the trail instead.

The route I wanted was a single track loop I had rode the weekend before on my mountain bike.  The Clikapudi Trail, on Shasta Lake NRA in California.  It is almost a 10 mile loop, with my previous farthest distance being a 1/2 marathon on a paved course.

That morning the rain decided to stop, upsetting me a little, since I really wanted some rough conditions.  It was still muddy, water filled, and even some snow leftover.  I ran with my fairly new Brooks Grit trail shoes, and nothing different from any other run except I had my running pack, a Nathan.  The Grit handled fantastically!!! Water drained quickly, traction was great in mud and snow, and I felt like I had plenty of cushioning. 

After almost one lap complete, and almost 1.5 miles from the car (which I didn't want to see or would never convince myself), I decided to turn around and do the loop in reverse.  I was at mile 8.3 when I turned around, knowing this was going to be my longest run. 

So I totaled 16.6 miles in just under 3 hours, 2:53:14.  Surprisingly I have never felt better after a run, as most my trail runs seem to do.  So I have decided to make my first marathon (or further) a trail one.  Haven't decided yet or found one semi-close to me but something will turn up.

Here is a link to the route on MapMyRun:


Shasta Lake is REALLY low

This creek was barely a trickle a week ago

Some snow still on the trail

Sweating dork alert!

Going to hit a lot more trails this winter and this year.  Going to clear most of the trails around Whiskeytown Lake, then head deeper into the Trinities for some backcountry trails.  Also plan on making some days du/tri-athlon types.  Bring my kayak and mountain bike and try to get 2, if not 3, different exercises in!  Sounds FUN!!!

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