Wednesday, May 02, 2012


That sweet smoke ever drifting
Into my thoughts every second
Born to churn the lung chimneys
Feed the machine
Feed the addiction
Than you're stuck forever
What else can I smoke
To create that smoke
I so desire daily
Feed the machine
Feed the addiction
Slipping deeper
Strangely sweeter
Purple plums
Make me comes
Along the cheery river!
Takes more to miss it
Than to feed it.
So why fight it so much?
Is it worth it?
Such a weakling
Such a pussy
Just want to smoke 
Makes me pissy
For just a toke
Maybe a poke
Smokey is stokey!


Anonymous said...

Dude... That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and quit smoking completely. Fuck that shit. Just have to flip that light switch in your brain.