Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dance of the Bleeding Grape

Dancing to the blood of a bleeding grape
Singing a song of long lost hope
Tears trickle down life's streams
Lakes of joy await at end
Another branch so rarely traveled
We jingle.

A moan follows the drifting winds
Sentinels tower above earthy visions
Tangled webs are weaved
Our skin ablaze in the ecstasy around us
Sun streaming, rain washing, wind lifting
We soar.

Peering over the ridge she smiles
A brightness amid the dark
Muddied waters clear and settle
Foggy bottoms lifting away to memories' island
Limbs hugging luscious welcomes
We love.

Still the bleeding grape lends signs of future days
The mind settles into blissful mists
Fall away the puffs are catching me
Forward momentum into the unknown
Just take another sip
We like.

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