Thursday, September 01, 2011

Rocket Rod's Positively Porter

In honor of Rocket Rod Romanak, who passed away February 4, 2011.  Rocket Rod was a homebrewer in Kailua Kona, HI who was the Homebrewer of the Year in 2004 with this Robust Porter recipe.  Rocket Rod owned and operated Rocket Suds Homebrewing Equipment & Supplies, and was an Air Force veteran. Rocket Rod attended over 25 AHA National Homebrewers Conferences in his lifetime.

Brewed 9/1/2011

5 oz Black Patent Malt
5 oz Chocolate Malt
5 oz Black Roasted Barley
1 1/2 pnds Special B Malt
9 1/2 pnds Amber Extract

1 oz Nugget hops
2 oz Chinook Hops

WLP California Ale yeast

Can't wait for this one!! Should be a good one, recipe went well, great looking color and taste at the bucket.  Double pitched this one.  Relax, have a brew!!

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