Friday, June 10, 2011

June 2011

June is here!  While the fire season may not have kicked off here in Humboldt county, everywhere else is pretty active.  Our forest is almost depleted and down to drawdown numbers.  All of this means its been majorly busy sending these crews, engines, and overhead resources to all parts of the country.  We have people in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Alaska, Georgia, and Colorado.  Picking up some more overtime days (like today) which is nice.  Makes for shorter weekends but the extra money comes in handy 8)

Running is still going strong, my form changing has been developing nicely and every run seems to get better and stronger.  Almost all the initial aches and pains I was expecting from reading SO much have disappeared and am feeling most excellent.  I have a local Six rivers Running Club run this Saturday called the Dow's Prairie Run 2m/6.1m.  I am going to run the 6.1 miler.  Its free, kickback, and should be fun, incorporating it into my normal running routine.  Next week my training routine will be adding more miles to my routine each week as I switch from a 10k program to the 1/2 marathon training program.  I plan on my first 1/2 to be the Redwoods Marathon in October.  Soooo excited already.

In July I have a night race in Davis, CA called the Davis Mooo-n-Light race.  Sister and her husband, John will probably run it with me, as I've re-bitten them with the run-bug (they raced a lot of races in Guam).  Than in August, right before my weeklong backpacking trip, planning on running the Terrapin 5k (how can I resist a tye-dye tech shirt).

Last weekend I raced in the inaugural California Fun Run in Vacaville, CA with my sister and her husband.  Let me tell you about an unorganized race.  Firstly, they did not allow packet pickups at the race.  So we went to Mena's Bistro the evening before (this is a Mexican restaurant).  They had some volunteers working the table that knew absolutely zero about the race.  The carb dinner was pasta with or without meat sauce AND was double the price of their regular mexican menu (the carb meal was a special entree just for this event).  Needless to say, we all ordered a regular mexican fair.

Morning erupted with torrential downpours outside and was raining still pretty good on our way to the race.  Misty, Christy's dog was going to run with us as well.  By the time we got there, the rain had pretty much stopped, but everything was still soaked.  This course has a 5k, 10k, 1/2 and full marathons, and a 50k.  Each course followed different paths around and through the area.  Most of the volunteers for the race figured rain would scare the runners away and didn't show up.  Poor race organizers.  This meant many of the turning points were unclear and many people missed their turns or took the wrong direction. 

I didn't have any problems and found a very nice young lady to run most of the race with.  The course was half pavement and half dirt trail.  The trail sections were SOOO muddy.  I started down the trail and instantly my shoes were caked with mud.  A quick jump into the taller grass and everything went fine.  Overall, I really loved the run, didn't notice much of the disorganization, and improved my only previous time by 3 minutes.  YAAAYY!!

Weekly Yoga is now a part of my training routine and my body cannot believe how wonderful it feels after getting wrung for an hour.

Besides the race, last weekend was very busy socially.  I started my weekend off with a trip to Yreka to see my son, Sam graduate from high school!  Whoah, boy did he grow up quick!  Check out my album of the event as well as his high honors graduating.  GRATZ, SAM!! 

On this trip I brought with me about a 12 pack of my homemade Honey Porter.  I had several friends to drop these off at.  I started in Willow Creek, dropped 2 off on my way to Yreka.  Then in Vacaville my brother, sister, and I enjoyed a few.  Then immediately following the race I travelled to Yuba City to visit a friend and her family.  WooHoo, awesome family!  Felt like the ole days hangin out in the CCCs.  A short visit and a long trip home finally got me home.  Ive put over 2500 miles on my car since I got it!  Time to slow down.

Only had 2 days off this weekend (WEd/Thurs) and spent it starting AND finishing True Blood: Season 3.  What a ride! Love that series!  Being broke meant doing very little and really relaxing to awesome beautiful Fortuna days (gone today ). 

Lots of personal stuff going on.  Finally getting serious about quitting smoking (yes, a runner and still smoke) and its getting very close.  My coach at work has given me my final day, July 17th.  I'm trying to get them gone well before that date 8)  Will be so nice to be free of them! Socially, nothing new happening as my focus has shifted less to whats out there and more to whats inside (me).  I am reconnecting with more friends via Facebook, and so far these have been some of the bestest of friends to reconnect with.  Some I hardly knew years ago but have become great friends, others I hung out with and now are closer than ever.  LOVE IT!

Humboldt is still Humboldt.  I think when I came over here my idea of what it would be like was based on memories of 25 years ago going to college at HSU.  I have been disappointed overall with my return over here.  Going to give it some more time but already (thank you Forest Service for allowing me to go anywhere) looking elsewhere.  Before I got offered this position, my first choice was in Medford, OR and Lakeville, OR.  So starting to look across the border (again) and get out of this horrible state of California. 

My studio apartment is finally feeling more like home as I have brought many personal items back from Yreka to decorate and make my home more me!  I'm off on my own for good so might as well start living like it!  It took awhile to climb out of my shell when I first came over here, but now that I'm out (minus a few hiccups), lookout world!  I love chatting with folks so if we haven't talked in awhile, send me a note!

Love everyone!!

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