Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Loud Clouds

It has to be the way I see
A glimpse long past the singing blue
Alive to hear the crying few
Talking from within the tree
A breeze is catching hold of me
Erasing all the mystery

I must realize the ride is free
Songs skimming along the breeze
Its high time to ride the high seas
I'd like to welcome thee
For you're the key
To being me

Just don't forget to hold my hand
When memories slide beneath the rest
Letting go is only best
Thrust your feet in tomorrow's sand
Let go the flow, ignore whats planned
A selfish act that must be banned

Quite the site when things are bright
On darker days, knowledge hides
Longer shadows, sleepy eyes
Ive had my fight with the light
Long since lost that sight in favor of the light of night
Not yes or no but only might

Can't help but hear your steps behind
Ready to plunge
A springing lunge
I manage to gasp, the pain is kind
Was always what I meant to find
Cracklin caps  its time to unwind

Behold the depths of liquid bliss
A token of thought escapes the mist
A gentle breath once was kissed
Hollowed out heads, sis
No one will really miss
When finally I cease to piss

A fuzzy dream of hazy times
Long lines of tears try to find the skies
I can almost make out the color of your eyes
Take me down your list of rhymes
Sweetness of those sour limes
Only hinting of the ultimate sublimes

I cant help but smile
I hope you can stay awhile
I really like your style

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