Saturday, June 05, 2010

Harp Hens

Thighs are starting to complain about not getting enough recoup time before I torture them some more. Lotta beer keepin me company over here. Not sure of their attraction to me. Kiln-basted tea container and a coastal breeze. Fresh picked raspberries crawling all over my food. Swaying shadows know their ways, laugh at mine. So insignificant on this huge planet we are. Amazing how much significance people try to make when nature makes it/us insignificant by comparison. Learn to flex amidst her, move among her, welcome and be inspired by her. Stand in awe of her and respect her. Simple concepts that people have mostly forgotten and abandoned.

My eyes boggle at beauty; Heart throbs with love; Mind bends with memories. I love the memories of my beautiful family. They keep me going. Changing times leads to changing minds. As one family, our minds are eternally combined, our lives everlasting entwined. A single voice, a single text, sends me instantly to your side.

Long nights with few lights is quite the sight, am I right? Wandering is a great way to explore!

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