Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Brain Rain

Rainin pretty good today. Determined to finally get a good bike-riding rain experience, I took off.Stopped short at work, cpl a stops landed me at the brewery. Started with a Triple-X. basket a fries,l a Stout, and decided that even without my normal pack I carry with the bike, I could get a growler home without breakin it. It was/is pouring by that time so I sloshed my way home, walked up the hill. Porter, the f4ral cat at the brewery, kept me company. The growler made it home.

Their triple X, or Triple Exhulation but I ended up with a growler of *()&%**$%%commons, thats all I remember. Tucked it in a inner mesh-pocket of my jacket, it got a little rattled but made it safe n sound. Rain was awesome, not so cold as I'm used to. Growlers are about a 5 pint bottle that you can bring in and get refilled for a discount. Nice cus i wouldnt have to be recylclin 6pack of bottle every week; can just go for the refill! Would a been much easier with the pack.

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